The third eye chakra is the 6th of the 7 chakras.

This chakra is the center of wisdom.

The third eye, the pineal gland, is associated with the focusing power of consciousness and psychic abilities.

It is through the third eye that psychic knowing manifests in our life.

Each chakra is a center of consciousness. Yogic philosophy teaches that, through proper energetic development, every chakra should have dominance over those below.

The mind must process information from every center, bring it into discriminating consciousness, infer and choose on what to act.

Third Eye Chakra Blocked – when the third eye is weak or blocked it is difficult to focus. In this situation, it is easy to feel mentally overwhelmed and lacking in insight.

When the third eye is strong, there is a sense of focus. With focus, every activity becomes clearer and faster. There is a sense of mental clarity and guidance as Spirit flows through us.

One of the main areas where focus is broken is thinking about the past, or fantasizing about the future.

Soul retrieval is a guided meditation which will bring your presence into the Now.

Modeled on an ancient Native American practice, this healing process is a journey through time and space to reclaim and purify your energy.

This process integrates Metaphysical Hypnosis with Brain Wave entrainment technologies to communicate with the deepest levels of your mind, and bring real changes into your life.

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