The system consists of a transmitter collar worn by your pet, a receiver unit that plugs into a standard outlet, and an easy-to-use app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can use the app to create up to four zones for your pet — one for each member of your family if needed — and determine the radius of each zone using Google Maps. You can also set up alerts to notify you via text or email when your dog leaves a specific zone.

The Virtual Fence is ideal for dogs who like to wander off or get into trouble in unfamiliar areas. It’s also great if you have multiple pets that need separate training areas or if you want to keep your dog away from certain areas of the house without having to constantly watch them (such as their beds).

The Virtual Fence is easy to set up and use. You simply place a small receiver collar around your dog’s neck and plug in the transmitter into an outlet near the area where you want them to stay. The app will then use Google Maps to create zones based on whatever radius you specify (with a maximum of 100 feet).

Once you’ve set up the zones, you can walk around with your phone to see which areas they cover. The app will then display a map of these zones as well as a warning if your dog gets too close to one of them. If they do, it will emit an audible tone that gradually increases in volume as they approach the boundary until they back away.

SpotOn virtual fence is a great tool for keeping your dog in the yard while you’re out of the house. It is also useful if you want to keep them away from certain areas like trash cans or other dangerous items. This works with all dogs, regardless of breed or size as you can see from numerous Spot On reviews online. However, it does require some training for your dog so that they know what boundaries are and how to avoid them when using this system. The SpotOn app is easy to use and has many features including an activity log so you can see where your dog was and what they were doing. The app also allows you to set up multiple devices so that you can use the system for more than one dog.

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