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    The GPS Virtual Fence System

    The system consists of a transmitter collar worn by your pet, a receiver unit that plugs into a standard outlet, and an easy-to-use app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    You can use the app to create up to four zones for your pet — one for each member of your family if needed — and determine the radius of each zone using Google Maps. You can also set up alerts to notify you via text or email when your dog leaves a specific zone.

    The Virtual Fence is ideal for dogs who like to wander off or get into trouble in unfamiliar areas. It’s also great if you have multiple pets that need separate training areas or if you want to keep your dog away from certain areas of the house without having to constantly watch them (such as their beds).

    The Virtual Fence is easy to set up and use. You simply place a small receiver collar around your dog’s neck and plug in the transmitter into an outlet near the area where you want them to stay. The app will then use Google Maps to create zones based on whatever radius you specify (with a maximum of 100 feet).

    Once you’ve set up the zones, you can walk around with your phone to see which areas they cover. The app will then display a map of these zones as well as a warning if your dog gets too close to one of them. If they do, it will emit an audible tone that gradually increases in volume as they approach the boundary until they back away.

    SpotOn virtual fence is a great tool for keeping your dog in the yard while you’re out of the house. It is also useful if you want to keep them away from certain areas like trash cans or other dangerous items. This works with all dogs, regardless of breed or size as you can see from numerous Spot On reviews online. However, it does require some training for your dog so that they know what boundaries are and how to avoid them when using this system. The SpotOn app is easy to use and has many features including an activity log so you can see where your dog was and what they were doing. The app also allows you to set up multiple devices so that you can use the system for more than one dog.

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    Dog Grooming

    Dog grooming isn’t just a cosmetic choice for your animal. The truth is that basic grooming is necessary for your dog’s health and happiness. We wash ourselves, we trim our nails, we comb our hair, etc. Your pet can’t do these things themselves, so you have to make sure that they get done.

    I guess one can’t say that it isn’t cosmetic at all. Bathing and beautifying your beloved pet is obviously going to be about making them look nice. Hence it’s about cosmetic choices. This isn’t a bad thing. The way that your dog looks is a real factor in how they feel and how they are treated. Your Orlando house dog doesn’t need to be pampered in Beverly Hills’ latest fashion, but it shouldn’t look like a stray. If you don’t want the neighbor’s children to run away from your pet, you should take the time to make them look friendly and presentable.

    There are plenty of practical issues too. Most of them are actually shared with their human counterpart. The fur is probably one of your biggest concerns. Keeping them clean and brushed will limit the matting of their hair. This should reduce the amount that forms into painful clumps on their back. It will also have the benefit of keeping their coat effective against rain and snow. Their fur is all they have for basic warmth. Letting their fur become dirty and matted will only limit its effectiveness against the elements.

    Grooming will also ensure that their hair doesn’t block their vision. This may not be a problem for some breeds with shorter hair. Others are not so lucky. Any dog with long fur will experience growth that eventually blocks their vision. Dogs can’t brush it away like a human could either. It’s just an inconvenience, but any good master should understand that having hair in front of your eyes all day just isn’t fun.

    Another very serious issue concerns their nails. An active dog can be put into great pain if their nails grow too long. They will not be able to run on long nails without significant pain and awkwardness. Your dog’s paws are incredibly sensitive. Those nails digging into their feet will make each step hurt. Proper grooming will do more than enough to ensure that their nails stay at a proper length though. If all this sounds like hard work and too many visits to a dog parlor, you can always call mobile dog grooming Orlando services and they will groom your dog right outside your house.

    Don’t underestimate the power of grooming. It will make them look beautiful and ensure that they don’t have any physical problems.

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    Naming Your Puppy or Dog

    Don’t rush into naming your puppy the moment you get her home. Oftentimes, people make their selection from lists of female or male dog names, only to find out later that the dog’s personality would be better suited to a different name. Also, puppies are cute, but cute names may not suit an adult dog of noble bearing.

    Sometimes, as soon as you see your new puppy, names will just jump out at you. The classic example of this is a puppy with a large spot on its side, leading to, well, Spot. If you notice big or unusual ears on your new male dog, names such as Dumbo or Spock might come to mind, or the puppy is totally black, names for black dogs will probably be the first ones.

    Black Dog Names cgfsertrd

    What to avoid?

    When making your decision, discuss the full range of potential puppy names with your whole family. Having your spouse and kids involved in the process is the best way to keep everyone happy.

    Multiple syllable words are easier for dogs to learn and understand. They don’t know if you’re saying “come here” or “comb hair;” they are responding to the familiarity of the sounds, inflection and tone in your voice. Avoid one-syllable names, as they can easily be confused with other words or sounds.

    This brings us to another point. Steer clear of puppy names that sound similar to a command you’ll eventually want to teach your new pup. For instance, Mae or Fay might appeal to you, but they sound too similar to the common command, “Stay”. Will Moe “Go”, as in “Go get it?” You might end up with one confused pooch—eager to please, but confused nevertheless!

    In a multi-pet household, try to keep names phonetically distinct. Having two dogs called Mo and Jo might seem like fun, but each would have trouble differentiating whether you are calling Mo or Jo, as they sound very similar. Of course, if you’re naming a puppy and a kitten, this rule doesn’t strictly apply.