It is crucial that you become mindful of self defense and the tactics involved. It is highly suggested that you should be involved in a self defense class. If you are not the physical type and not all people are, there are also devices that can help you defend yourself. The most available and accessible would be to clip on mace or pepper spray on your keychain and carry one even in trusted areas. These self defense chemical compounds are available in disguised such as appearing like lip stick. Not only is the spray available while carrying your keys but also by placing a key between your fingers, you have another weapon available.

Always stay alert, researching common conditions and situations that carry a higher opportunity for assault and never assume you are safe. Walk in well-lit areas and never take short cuts through alleys and the like. Never underestimate everyday items, a hefty flashlight can do much damage. The Surefire E2D LED Defender is the #1 rated for self defense flashlights, click to see the review.

What if I am a woman?

For women, if an aggressor demands your purse do not just hand it to them, throw it instead. The assailant is more interested in the content of your purse and retrieves it. In the meantime, you have a choice of running in the opposite direction or equipping yourself with a gun, taser, stun gun, mace or pepper spray or even a flashlight. Not only will you be able to apprehend the perpetrator but retrieve your purse back. Always consider the consequences before actually pursuing. A good idea is only place what you really need in your purse. If taken, there will be no great loss. For list of self defense flashlights for women, click the link.

In the practice of the martial arts, it is known that the strongest and the most damaging in close combat is the elbow so use it when you can.

What about a knife?

Knives are effective only if you are well versed in the handling of one. If an attacker concluded that you are incompetent, the knife can easily be taken away and used on you.

The marketplace is bountiful with offering a great assortment of self-protection items. Attaining a concealed weapons permit is always an option but if you are not the gun toting type there are other alternatives. They can be expensive but a stun gun can really get the attention of an attacker. In some states, stun guns may require a permit as with a gun. The best area to concentrate on is the lower ribcage, upper shoulders and upper hip. Look for a stun gun that actually slides over your fingers and rides on your knuckles, less likely to have it taken away from you. Some models a disguised as cell phones or a soda can.

Tasers are great but the only problem is there needs to be time to aim and fire. Tasers shoot a cartridge containing wires with barbed ends. When fired, the barbs embed themselves into your aggressor promptly delivering about 50,000 volts of electricity totally incapacitating them to the point of uselessness.

In certain circumstances, this may be hard to do but the most important things to remember is do not panic. Logical thinking does not function when you are in that frame of mind. You may carrying an arsenal on you but if you panic, none of it will matter.

Bottom Line:

Find the best tool for the job. If you can afford to get a handgun and the carrying permit then you should. It will be money well spent in the time of need. Along with the handgun there are several other less expensive and less damaging weapons available. It maybe a good idea to get a few to keep on your person as well as the house and car too.

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