An apostille certificate is a special kind of document that is used to prove the authenticity of a document. It is also known as an “apostillization.”

It’s important to note that you do not need to have an apostille certificate in order for your documents to be valid. However, it does help if you want to use your document outside of your own country.

In order for a document to be considered valid under international law, it must have been signed by an official who is authorized by their country’s government. The official will then sign the document and affix a seal on it. This stamp indicates that they have verified its legitimacy and have accepted responsibility for its accuracy. This process is known as authentication.

The purpose of an apostille certificate is simply to verify that this process has taken place correctly, that the person signing on behalf of their country actually has authority to do so. A copy of this certificate will then be attached at the end of your document so that other countries know that they can trust it too.

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