When moving to Vienna it is absolutely imperative that you find the very best moving companies out there to handle your relocation needs. When you have a mover who will help you get your things to your new home without any trouble, you can actually sit back and enjoy your move. While you may have to pay a rather large chunk for the company to do all of the work, the fee is well worth it when you know you have a great company on your side. In order to find that great company, consider the following tips. Not only will this help you uncover the best there is in the moving industry today, but in doing so will allow you to look back on your move as an enjoyable experience.

Getting References: When Umzug Wien and seeking the services of a mover, it is a good idea to ask your friends and family who they have had any experiences with. If they can share some information with you on a specific company or another, then you can put this information to use and avoid problems throughout the process. If you want to avoid any scam companies out there, getting references is also a great idea. Even if you only get information on companies not to use, you will at least be in a good starting place.

Contacting Various Companies: First impressions are everything, so take time out to contact various movers once you’ve narrowed the long list of those available to a short list of those you are interested in. Ask the movers various different questions about the prices of different services and any other extra costs that they might charge you for. Be sure to take note of who you spoke with and don’t fall victim to the ‘buy now or it’ll cost more’ ploy that they might use to try to get you to sign a contract right away.

Look at Prices: Call each of those companies and compile a list of moving quotes for each of the different services or packages that you are thinking of purchasing. Always make sure you are comparing like quotes together. For example, if you are looking at full service and self service, always compare the full service quotes with other full service quotes and vis a versa. This is the only way to see any red flags or overcharging companies on your list.

Add the Cost of Insurance: Movers say it’s a good idea to have insurance to cover damage or loss of any of your goods while they are being moved out of one home, transported to another home, and unloaded into it. All movers offer valuation coverage, but the coverage hardly ever amounts to the value of the goods being transported. For that reason, research the costs of insurance and make sure to figure them in when you are building your moving budget. Remember, it is always better to be safer rather than sorry.

Get a Binding Quote: Now, as you near the end of the process, you should be fairly sure of the company you will be hiring. If you only have a couple of companies left on your list, contact them and get binding quotes for the moving services that you need. A binding quote is almost required these days and having one will prevent any mover from overcharging you or demanding thousands more when you arrive at your new home. If you really want to reduce moving expenses, then make sure to stay far away from movers who don’t offer binding quotes.

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