Today’s innovative environment breeds countless ideas each minute. As an inventor, you may have asked yourself: “Should I patent my idea before selling?“, “To patent or not to patent,” that is the question and the decision is not always easy or straightforward. Debunking some common myths associated with the patenting process and understanding how a company like InventHelp can guide you in this journey is crucial.

Benefits of Patenting an Idea

Securing a patent for an idea comes with numerous advantages:

  • Exclusivity: Holding a patent means exclusive rights to your invention. By using a patent, you can effectively bar competitors from copying, selling, or using your idea without your consent.
  • Enhances your Business Value: Patents can substantially boost the valuation of your business. An idea with a patent attached depicts innovation and potential growth, making your business more attractive to investors or buyers.
  • Potential for Licensing or Selling: If production or execution of the idea isn’t your forte, owning a patent lets you license or sell it to a third party.

Drawbacks of Patenting an Idea

Conversely, the patenting process does have its downsides:

  • Cost: Securing a patent can be an expensive endeavor. There are application fees, search fees, examination fees, maintenance fees, and not to forget legal fees if you choose to seek help from a patent attorney.
  • Time: It might take up to several years for your patent to be granted due to the extensive investigation process.
  • Public Disclosure: One pivotal aspect of receiving a patent is that your idea becomes public information. While this can serve as a deterrent to potential competitors, it also means that others get to scrutinize your invention.

InventHelp: Guiding Inventors in the Patent Journey

Navigating the world of patents can be a confusing, labor-intensive process. That’s precisely where InventHelp steps in. Specializing in helping inventors turn their ideas into realities, they can guide you through the process seamlessly and help with marketing your invention idea as well.

InventHelp offers a broad spectrum of inventor services such as helping in drafting a patent, patenting process and providing resources to inventors with new inventions protected by U.S. and foreign patents and trademarks. They consider an invention’s potential, the quality of the invention, the market size for an invention, as well as the inventor’s resources and commitment before customizing a strategy for each individual.


To conclude, the decision to patent your idea should take into consideration various factors including cost-efficiency, market potential, and the nature of the idea itself. Consulting with professionals at InventHelp can help clarify your doubts and concerns further, helping you make an informed decision.

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